Our name says it all... We care about your stakes at, and have a passion for online betting. However, although online betting is such common practice in todays world of tech, finding the best betting site for big bets can be quite a tiring task. Many bookies prefer to take smaller bets from the mass, though there are a select few who keep their customers to a minimal while accepting rather large bets at one time.

When betting big online, you may find many services will prefer to take your bets over the phone where larger capital is at stake. This is due to online payment and security checks when transferring large amounts of cash. It is quite rare that your bank won't give you a call when spending a large amount of money in a single go.

Not to worry, there are betting sites who accept big bets through internet transactions without you having to pick up the phone. One of the main recommended betting sites for big bets is Star Sports. Star launched their spread betting service and over the phone betting many, many years back in Mayfair. Star have since built a prestige presence in online betting and are known for their wealthy, upper-class clientele. Star Sports is our recommended betting site for big bets purely for their amazing reputation and care for customers. When betting with Star, you can expect a great service. Let's compare the service you would get at the Ritz to this at the Premier Inn. You don't get this with many other betting sites.

Another great betting site for betting big is BetVictor. They've been around for Donkey's years and almost anyone who is a fan of betting will be well aware of BetVictor. Though Star Sports is our main best betting site for big bets, BetVictor hold the biggest presence in the online market and can therefore be seen as a trustworthy bookie from face value. With BetVictor, their betting site is a unique design unlike most of the other online sites. Star Sports being the same, these 2 betting sites have been built up and tailored with their customers in mind. Many betting sites today use a basic system designed by the same third party as it is cheaper.

Take note when betting big online, there are often withdrawal limits at these bookies. Withdrawal limits on big bets can be daily or weekly caps. A fair limit would be anything above £50,000 per week. If you have more than £50,000 in betting funds at your account, you can usually phone the betting companies support team and they might be willing to transfer the entirety of your balance with a personal arrangement. Otherwise, you will have to withdraw your big bets in weekly instalments at £50,000 a time.

If you're about to place some big bets online, we always recommend using funds you can afford to lose. Gambling can be kept fun by understanding that there is always the chance of losing your funds. Each bettors idea of what they can afford to lose will always be different, though we would suggest keeping it below 10% of your disposable capital allowance. This way, if your bet isn't a successful one there won't be much of an after affect to your finances whatsoever. For more information on problem gambling and addiction, head over to